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Letís go to the beach with Trudy!

Summer is here and what better way to enjoy the weather than at the beaches with family and friends? Join Trudy as she takes a trip to the beach with her family!


With the innovative animated story, children can learn important social language skills and social expectations! Joining along Trudyís beach adventure with her family, children will read and listen to the story and make decisions and choices as to what the characters should do or say.

This is a great application that not only promotes reading comprehension skills, but also contextual awareness and social thinking concepts such as flexibility in making decisions, unexpected behaviours, and perspective taking in different settings and environments. As children grow and learn from their peers, surroundings and past experiences, they become capable in making their own choices.

Trudy Goes to the Beach is available at the Apple app store for a $3.99 and it is recommended for children aged 4+.

Download it here:†

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