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In May, Grockit launched a Pinterest-like learning platform that integrates a social platform that has an aspect to let teachers and students to create “learn boards for everything from simple eighth grade English” to a graduate type of communication.

Learnist said that “over the past few months […], tens of thousands of people have joined the site to check out about 20,000 user-created “learnings- collections of web videos, blogs, images and other content sequenced to help people learn variable topics and skills.”

The owner, however, added that, Learnist is “as much as a platform for a life-long, or casual” learning platform who wants an education in yoga or photography, as well as formal students who need extra coaching in chemistry or algebra. The content on the site, currently, is split between 50-50 formal and informal learnings.

The company seems to gain more traction and momentum as it gains users through who engage in social behavior and whose parents are more exposed to other education methods.

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