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L is for LetterSchool

L is for LetterSchool, the most awe-inspiring, intuitive, effective, but simple handwriting game EVER.

I kid you not. Even KAPi Awards agrees with me, having recently crowned LetterSchool as the “Best Younger Children’s App” out of 712 digital products designed for children.

I know. Woah.

LetterSchool is THE app for unraveling the mystery of letters and numbers. It comes with 3 character sets:

And also 3 different approaches to learning the above sets:

First we have Tap for little ones who haven’t quite developed their eye-hand coordination or fine motor skills. Instead of tracing, the player taps dots in the right order to complete the letter. Trace is next for learning the letter trajectory before you finally take off the training wheels and write a letter from memory.Each approach comes with a wide variety of exciting animations such as whistling trains and sparkling candies that not only look cool, but also spark motivation to keep practicing.

In my opinion, this rare combination of simplicity and breathtaking visual effects creates both a compelling learning environment AND gaming experience. And that’s why LetterSchool is a winner in so many homes, schools, and therapy practices.

Try out the Lite version for free and tell us what you and your kids think on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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