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KinderTown Surprise!


Just yesterday, an educational appstore for iPad, KinderTown, released a report on what parents and teachers are searching for in KinterTown. So far, KinderTown has collected data from more than 730,000 searches from their store and not surprisingly, the most popular search criteria was “age.” The second most popular criteria was “price,” followed by “platform” and “type.”

As mentioned above, parents are most interested in what age criteria an app falls into to determine the appropriateness and effectiveness. Among other ages, age 3 was the most popular followed by the age 4, and so on up to age 8 being the least popular. As “platform” as a search criteria, it did not come as a surprise that iPad was the overwhelming majority with more than 70% searches.

Finally, one of the most insightful data from the report was the “type” of subject as search criteria. Language, with 35% share, was the most popular, closely followed by Math with 34.2%. The report said “Pre-Reading, Number Sense, Reading, and Geometry (which includes Shapes) are the most popular categories within those subjects.”

KinderTown helps parents to choose, or at least narrow down the search field in order to find the right app for their children in the sea of countless apps. In the future report, it would be interesting to observe if other platforms will gain market share and if other subjects would be valued more as well.

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