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Kid’s Corner and Kytephone: Apps to Childproof Your Phone

A couple months ago I shared some tips on safeguarding your beloved Apple products from babies and children. Well, it seems like the trend towards childproofing smartphones and tablets is picking up – at least for Windows and Android products.

Just last week, Microsoft officially unveiled its new mobile operating system Windows Phone 8, and with it came a new feature called Kid’s Corner. In a nutshell, this app enables you to create and customize home screens for different users. For example, there’s your own interface with all the important contacts and emails, and then there’s your child’s personalized screen with Squeeble Spelling and Jungle Jam and NO access to app stores or web browsing.

Sounds likes a godsend, right? You can even have a lock screen with your child’s picture and name. So instead of Kid’s Corner, you get Tommy’s Corner or Carol’s Corner. At the moment, this app is exclusive to Windows 8 phones.

As for Android systems, an app called Kytephone is the key to your mentalwell-being. Kytephone is designed to create a safe phone for kids. As with Kid’s Corner, Kytephone allows you to create a Kid Mode interface, which kids cannot get out of. But there’s more: parents can also use it to set time limits for games, and see a child’s location and call logs using the Parent Dashboard.

Kytephone is a fairly new app, but it has already received lots of media attention and rave reviews from users.

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