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Father, daughter activities: Building a Jewellery Box

Arts and crafts are usually done with mom, but this time dad’s taking over the scissors and glue.

Diamonds are a girls best friend – but only if she has a place to store them. What your princess needs is a jewellery box and what better way then to make it with the most important man in her life. For the handyman dads out there you can make a jewellery box out of thick paper or simply use a shoebox. If you’re feeling brave, check out this site on how to make a wooden jewellery box (extra dad points for this one). For those dads looking for a ready-made jewelry box, your local arts and craft store has many styles to choose from.


Now that you have the jewellery box it’s time to let your daughter’s imagination run wild. You and her can paint, glue and draw just about anything on the box. Glue a photo of you and her on the inside or form a collage of pictures on the lid. Be sure to add jewels, stickers and sparkles! The best part is that as she starts collecting more and more jewellery she will always remember that her and her father made it together.


Ps. While you are waiting for the beautiful jewelry box to dry, add some educational fun into your day with your little girl. Download the Color Mix apps by A+ Kids Apps & Educational Games onto your iPad. It’s a great way for her to learn to mix colours through exploration and discovery.



“To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter.”  - Euripides

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