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iPads Help Kids in the Hospital

It is well known that the iPad has a myriad of benefits and we are always coming up with new uses for it whether in the classroom or on the go. Did you know that iPads can benefit hospitalized children now as well?  

The Children’s Medical Centre of Dayton, Ohio, is currently using the iPad to explain medical procedures to children and their parents.  “I will verbally explain the procedure but sometimes what the parents and patients need is a visual so I use an app on the iPad that has a picture of the specific body parts. This app allows me to show them what the organs look like and then has the capability for me to draw on the screen to show them the process of how things normally look during a procedure.” says Kristy Rowe, child’s life specialist.

The iPad is a great visual tool and can also provide entertainment  for the children as they await their surgeries and other medical procedures. The iPad is probably one of the best distraction tools around since it allows you to play games, read books, watch videos and take pictures. Those kids sure are lucky to have an iPad to entertain them!

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