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iPad Helps Children with Autism Communicate

Today I am here to share with you the story of Sharia, a two year old girl with autism. Like many other autistic children, Sharia has trouble communicating with others. Then the iPad came along and introduced her to apps such as Proloquo2Go, First Words, ABCs and Me and Puzzle Me. Apps like these are based on augmentative and alternative communication therapy used by many people with communication disorders.

One parent says that one of the advantages of using the iPad is mobility. Children can now learn new skills on the go such, as in the middle of a restaurant, for example. The iPad is a more economical option compared to traditional equipment that can cost upwards of $10K. The iPad is a big step forward for children like Sharia;it has helped her reach out to the world in a way that would not have been possible before (or at least much more difficult). It represents a beacon of hope for parents of autistic children as technology advances. As her father said, “I often tell my wife I think of it as Sharia before the iPad and Sharia after the iPad. It was that significant.” Who knows what the iPad can do next and of course we shouldn’t forget to credit all those app developers out there.

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Source and photo credit: CNN

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