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Interactive Books & Artist Crossovers

Dragon Brush

An interesting spin-off of kids’ iPad apps can be found in the many interactive picture books being added to the App Store’s Book category as of late. We’ve discussed children’s ebook apps recently, and if that book hadn’t convinced you of the potential of storytelling apps this next one might tip you over.

Children’s books on the iPad are interactive and maybe even more engaging for kids than their parents’ old favorites. With artists using animation and audioaccompaniment, they can practically come alive. Members of acclaimed band The Nationalcertainly could qualify for the title of ‘artist’ as much as any other group out there today (see: reception for 2010′s album High Violet), so when we heard of frontman (and parent of a three-year-old) Matt Berninger’s involvement in a new children’s book app, we thought it only wise to point it out.

Dragon Brush is product of a collaboration that involves Berninger, other bandmates and artists that have worked with the band. It has an evocative graphic design and soundtrack that is all its own, and features narration from the frontman. Even if you’ve never heard of the group before, it’s worth a look!

The interactive form of the iPad book gives artists more possibilities to crossover and make things out of their comfort zone, so parents like those who are fans of The National can share their interests with their children in new ways. If this is the result, we would hope that more would follow suit!

[Dragon Brush via Pitchfork]

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