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How to Childproof Your iPad or iPhone

Just a few simple ways to safeguard your children from insidious apps or content, your wallet from unauthorized credit card purchases, and your emotional well-being (may the day an app gets accidentally deleted never come).

1) Set up a passcode lock

Go to Settings -> General -> Passcode Lock -> Turn Passcode On -> Enter and re-enter a 4 digit passcode. Note: Make sure the “Erase Data” option is disabled or the iPad will self-destruct after 10 failed attempts at entering the correct password.

2)Set up as many restrictions as the heart desires

Go to Settings -> General -> Restrictions -> Select Enable Restrictions. This page is honestly like the Holy Grail. Here you can turn off options such as “Deleting Apps,” “Installing Apps,” and “In-App Purchases.” Some apps, like Safari and Youtube, can also be hidden.

3) Pre-download fun, educational games like Rocket Mathor Happi Full Throttle so the kids won’t be tempted to search for games by themselves.

4) Put important apps that can’t be protected (ex. Mail, Messages) into a folder to reduce the probability of them being opened.

5) Backup your tablet or phone periodically. After all, nothing is 100% foolproof.

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