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Gus on the Go: A Fun Way To Learn Languages

We all know the importance of learning languages at a young age when it’s easier to absorb new information. Whether it be French or Spanish or Chinese, another language could be useful in the future. Another plus is that it could help your child develop important cognitive functions as well. Early exposure can also help facilitate their language learning later on in life. The app Gus on the Go succeeds in making learning new languages fun with the cute and adventurous owl, Gus. Gus takes you on adventures all over the globe and teaches you basic nouns through interactive vocabulary games. The new vocabulary covers topics such as numbers, shapes, body parts and food items. As you progress through the game, you can unlock trophies and other achievements.Even if your child doesn’t quite learn all the vocab, mom and dad might pick up a few new words! No matter how old you are, there is always room for more learning! Gus on the Go is currently available in 14 languages and is available for iOS devices.

gus on the go

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