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Furby Is Back with a Heavy Tech Punch

Remember Furby? That creepy electronic owl-hamster hybrid robot with vaguely menacing large eyes? Speaks Furbish? If you don’t remember, here’s a picture to remind you.

It creeped me out when I was eight years old, and it still creeps me out now. However, this furball was a childhood fad that lasted close to nine years before losing out to more hi-tech toys. Well, clearlythe creators of Furby are tired of being left behind, because this fall, they decided to reboot the Furbies with some pretty advanced technology.

First are the eyes. The old plastic spheres are now replaced with two rather huge (and equally creepy, in my opinion) LCDs. The new eyes allow Furby to display a range of pupils for different moods, such as anger and happiness.

Another significant change is the capacitive sensors in its body. These sensor react to touching, so Furby knows when you’re tickling it or pulling its tail (which it does not like, trust me). The revamped Furby is also quite verbal, and will chat with you in both English and Furbish.

Lastly, the new Furby comes with a free iOS app that includes a translator and meals for Furby. Amusingly, you feed Furby by flicking food shown on the iPad or iPhone in its direction.

This interactive plush is already on sale in places like Toys “R” Us for around $69.99, so check them out in your local stores if you’re interested! Here’s a video by Engadget showing what Furby is capable of:

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