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Funny Things Kids Do With Your Phone

Parents are often awestruck as they watch their children expertly swipe and tap away on a smartphone or tablet. That is, until the gadget in question gets dunked in the toilet. Parents usually become thunderstruck at that point, and who can blame them?

I met such a parent last week. Apparently his “adorable” two-year-old son decided the toilet needed some company and proceeded to flush Mom’s innocent HTC Wildfire down the deep, dark hole after saying “Hi” to Granny.

Plumbing 101 – Don’t flush phones down the toilet unless you fancy having your home flooded.

The amazing thing is that he actually called Granny himself.

Out of curiosity, I had a little Googlefest to see if I can find more stories like the one above. The answer? Yup.

Story #1 – “My Lil’Man was teething and figured the best way to soothe his painful gums was to chew on my phone. Unfortunately my case doesn’t provide slobber protection. Sigh.”

Story #2 – “I was checking my email and noticed a recent receipt for buying apps. I opened it and it informed me that I’d spent almost $50 on apps, some of them I totally wouldn’t use. I picked up my three-year-old’s iPad and sure enough there were all these apps on there. Any chance of a refund?”

Kids…you gotta love them.

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