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Fun Ways to Learn the ABC’s with Apps


ABC d.e.f..g.. here’s when it stops.

Sometimes kids dislike the idea of writing with a pencil on paper. It could be the hand pain they get from using a pencil and writing for several hours or simply because it’s boring staring at white page and not knowing how to hand write. Give the younger learners a head start in school by having them practice handwriting without tears. This is easily done by downloading these cool, fun and exciting writing Apps for them.  These Apps allow kids to practice writing in lowercase and uppercase letters.  To make it fun and interesting, different shapes are used to write each letter in. Children are able to trace the letters as well as hear the sound of each letter with the correct pronunciation. If a mistake is made, it can easily disappear by shaking the phone in which the App is open in and they can erase it and try again. These are practical exercises that kids are taking part in. By using the Apps every day or at least 2-3 times a week, you’re helping improve and develop the writing, reading and motor skills of your child.  Some of these Apps include learning the letters of the alphabet, learning words and spelling. So very educational and fun.

An example of a cool learning letters app is the school bus. You would use the phone as a steering wheel to drive the bus towards the correct letters. If you steer the wheel to a word, you would gain more points and in some cases big wins.  These cool fun educational games have more than 40 different games. Some of them have different categories, easy, medium and hard. So kids are able to start from easy and work their way up. Get your kids these cool educational ABC apps and watch them excel in their English class.

Here’s out list of five fun ABC apps.
- Tracing ABC
- Kids ABC Phonics
- ABCs Tracing Cursive Letters
- Super Why ABC Adventures
- The School Bus 

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