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From Apps to Apptivities

Okay I may be getting a few confused looks here. What exactly is an apptivity? Is that even a real word??? However, I’m sure you may be able to guess what it means. Apptivities have been invented to connect physical figures and toys to play virtual games on devices such as iPads and iPhones.


Currently there are quite a few apptivities developed by toy maker Mattel. Some games include the ever-popular Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, Batman and Hot Wheels games. Basically when you buy an apptivity, it will give you a physical toy figure that you can use on your iPad. For example, when you purchase the sensei toy for Fruit Ninja, it will also come with the game too. Then all you have to do is download the game to start playing. The toys are also made with special plastic that won’t scratch your screen too.

fruit ninja

For the Fruit Ninja game, it creates a two-player mode where sensei throws fruit from a conveyor belt at the other player who has to slice it quickly while avoiding bombs. Three strikes and you’re out! Then it becomes your opponent’s turn. The game eventually increases in difficulty as more fruit is thrown and the conveyor belt moves faster.

As the holidays are quickly approaching, apptivities could become great gifts this season. The apptivity games are currently available for purchase at Walmart, Toys R’ Us, Best Buy, and Future Shop with varying locations for the US and UK. For more information, check out Mattel’s website!

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