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For the Sake of Posterity

If you’ve ever talked to a three year old, you’ll probably relate to the phrase “kids say the darnest things”. I remember my little brother went through a phase where he used to say “busghetti” instead of spaghetti. :P It’s other funny moments like this that parents may want to capture and guess what? There’s an app for that! It’s called Posterity. The app lets you create a book for each child and fill each book with quotes. It also lets you add a photo to commemorate the occasion. As with every other app out there, it also has a sharing feature that allows you to share your child’s funny moments on Facebook or Twitter. As you add more quotes to your child’s book, Posterity will create a timeline for you so that you can revisit those special moments and maybe see how your child’s vocabulary has improved too.


Even though there are probably other apps out there that could do the same job as Posterity, it’s nice to see that there’s an app dedicated to it. You know, for posterity’s sake right? If I were a child I might be embarrassed at all the weird things I got caught saying though!

The app can be purchased here.

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