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Fisher-Price Apptivity Monkey Review

Last week we talked about the rise of apptivities as a physical extension of virtual games on iPads. This week we’ll talk about another application of apptivities for young children. Fisher-Price has developed a toy called the Laugh and Learn Apptivity Monkey.

apptivity monkey

This monkey is a cute purple plushy that comes with 10 preinstalled songs and phrases that you can play when you press on its hands and feet. What’s really special about this monkey is that it comes with a small pocket on its tummy where you can insert your iPhone of iTouch in it. Now I know many parents are probably not too keen on sharing their expensive toys with their baby, but the monkey comes with a protective pouch for your multifunctional gadget to make sure that it doesn’t get damaged. It also has a screen protector to ensure that it’s safe from grubby little hands. Free Fisher-Price apps that teach fundamentals such as colours and numbers may be downloaded to ensure that your child gets a learning experience out of this monkey. This toy is designed for children 6-36 months old. Some downsides to the monkey is that when you put in your iPhone or iTouch, the built in sounds don’t work at the same time and also it’s not as cuddly since it has to protect your device.

Click here for a video review of the toy:Toy Review

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