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Exploring the Senses through Sensory Play (Toddler Tuesday)

It’s Toddler Tuesday and today we have some of fun sensory play activities your little ones will absolutely love! Through these fun and educational activities, your children will be seeing, touching, listening, and sometimes even tasting new information!  As children begin to use their senses to engage in meaningful activities, they also begin to learn through their senses and strengthen their inner neurological pathways! Not only are sensory activities great for childhood learning and development, they are also fun, easy, and absolutely enjoyable!

Now let’s get started!

Gooey and Messy Let’s Play with Jelly!
Prepare jelly as instructed on the box, but instead of cooling it in the fridge… freeze it in the freezer. When ready… pop the frozen jelly into saucepans or trays and hop outside as this can get messy!


Sensory Play Activity 1

This activity is great in warm weathers because children will be not only able to witness the jelly change from a solid to a liquid, but also feel the difference between each state!

DIY Sensory Play in a Bin!


Sensory Play Activity 2

With a simple clear bin, a bag of dirt and fun things like marbles, rocks, jars, and gardening tools, this bin transforms into a sensory bin that will have your children have hours of fun learning!

Discover Flour!
Yes! All you need is flour! Spread some flour on a dry-flat surface and watch as your children will be exploring the texture of flour and creating lovely pictures using their fingers!


Sensory Play Activity 3

For simple clean-up, just bring out the vacuum cleaner and everything will be clean in a matter of seconds!

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