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Exercising With a Tablet?

With so many apps out there to facilitate keeping track of their diets and games like the Wii Fit that make help you exercise, should we be expecting apps geared towards children’s weight loss?

According to Statistics Canada: “Canada is no exception to the trend of growing obesity among children in industrialized countries”. What the real question we should be asking ourselves is whether or not these games and apps actually work? Children can get bored easily though, if they don’t enjoy what they are doing, they’ll find ways to get the job done using the smallest movements possible, cancelling out potential benefits.Brigham Young University exercise scientist Bruce Bailey conducted a study using children aged 9 to 14 and found that these games are a good source of exercise.

Could kids one day exercise with an iPad andactuallylose weight?! Theoretically this is possible, let’s just hope kids don’t lose the will to want and go play outside!

Sometimes we forget how enjoyable playing outside as a kid can be:
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