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Enhancing Your Child’s Technology Use

It’s Mommy Monday and many mothers have a growing concern about their child’s technology use and it’s impact on their children’s learning ability. Laptops, iPads, video games…technology is everywhere and kids are magnetized to it. Technology is becoming more adaptive, social, and is customized to a child’s individual needs and can be an absolutely amazing learning tool. So before you start to worry about your child’s excessive use of technology, here are a few things to consider in order to enhance your child’s technological experiences and ensure that they’re both fun and educational.

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Enhancing your child’s technology use through creativity.

Active Engagement: Focus on active engagement. Ask your child questions about what’s on their screen. Stop and pause a game, or press mute during a television show Ask them questions about the characters and the scene. Ensure that your questions are engaging during their technology use. Examples of questions you could ask your child are: Why did Charlie decide to do that? What would you have done? What else do you think Charlie could have done to make things better with his friend?

Repetition: Allow your child to watch the same movie or video multiple times. Repetition is essential for children and helps them develop their intuition, memorization, analytical, and learning skills. YouTube videos are great for this as they allow for instant playback. Every time you play the video, ask them questions. Bring in that active engagement component. Ask kids what they noticed, what they liked, what they didn’t like.

Problem Solving: Many apps and computer games are designed specifically for children, they engage kids to solve problems. Which in turn builds concentration and analytical skills. Assist your child when they find certain problems to be difficult. Teach your children new ways to approach and solve problems.

Creation: Encourage your child to create with technology. Download apps on your tablet for them that will allow them to create. Allow them to record their voices, and then add certain beat and melodies. Let them manipulate their original recording until they create something that it theirs. Something else you could do is let them take photos on the tablet and have them play around with them in various editing systems.

Communicate: Ensure that there is a lot of communication between you and your child when it comes to technology. If  kids are using an app incorrectly, find out why and teach them the correct ways to use the app. Ask then what they like about the app, what they don’t like. Assist them when they’re stuck on a question and tell them why the app is great!

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