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Endless Alphabet: A Walkthrough

The folks who createdSesameStreet’s Monster at the End of This Book recently launched a fantastic iOS app that helps children with their spelling and letters.

It’s called Endless Alphabet.

The app is fun from the moment you open it, with rambunctious, fun-loving monsters parading across the screen to a catchy tune.

Then analmightypurple horned beast appears with a mouth full of words waiting for you to choose and spell.

After you choose a word, the letters are scrambled and spread out like an interactive puzzle for your kid to drag into the right position. Each letter wiggles and giggles and sounds itself out in an adorable way when touched, so it playfully introduces phonemic relationships.

When a word is spelled correctly, a short animation appears illustrating the definition! The little guy from “ITCHY” gets me every time!

The great thing is that there are no high scores, limits, or chance of failures. This way, kids can just play and explore at their own pace. Endless Alphabet will be delivering new words on a regular basis, so make sure you have Internet and ample disk space to receive all the words!

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  • Mrs. G

    My junior Kindergarteners as well as my 3 year old daughter adore this app! Well worth the money to purchase.

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