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Electronic Chalkboards: Coming to a Classroom Near You?

With more and more advancements in technology each day, it’s no wonder that even chalkboards have become electronic. So what is an electronic chalkboard? We’re talking about a state of the art chalkboard that can be written on using a special stylus as well as integrate material from the internet, such as pictures. This is basically an advanced touch-screen whiteboard which you can write on and explain things, like math, step by step while eliminating the messy problems of chalk dust. Anything written on the board can also be saved and printed out as well. The board can also show different colours and is suitable for learners of all ages.

Using  electronic chalkboards has helped promote interactivity in the classroom. Since many kids nowadays are more tech savvy, it’s a lot easier to relate to a digitized whiteboard than a plain boring chalkboard. However, this technology is still considered a luxury and students should still be learning to take their own notes. Although this is not by any means new technology, it’s adoption is increasing in classrooms. You can expect that in a few years, your child’s classroom may have one too.




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