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Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

If you weren’t high on holiday spirit two weeks ago after looking at these mouthwatering Christmas snacks, you will be today. Or at least you should, because there are only 20DAYS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS!

And what better way to prepare for this jolly day than with your kids?

1. Reindeer Thumbprint Ornaments

All you need for this project are glass balls (matte ones work best), paint, sharpie, and your kid’s cute little thumbs.

2. Wishing Spool

Maybe you can make these after mailing your letter to the North Pole.

3. Button Wreath Ornament

This wreath is a great way to use up any stray buttons that may be lying around the house. Depending on how the buttons are arranged, you can even turn the ornament into a tree.

4. Mini Pine Cone Trees

Don’t they look adorable? And so simple to make. Just arm yourself with cotton balls, pine cones, and lots of glue.

5. Matchbox Advent Calendar

Perhaps a bit harder for kids to make, but I’m sure your children will think you’re the best mummy and daddy in the world for making this. Each drawer is made with matchboxes, and as the drawers are removed and reversed, a festive picture appears! Click here for the instructions.

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