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Drawp: The Social Drawing Game for Kids

Happy Family Day everyone (first one for BC) ! Remember last year when the smartphone game social drawing game, Draw Something, was all the rage? For me the “rage” lasted about two months before I got tired of it and my friends decided to quit but it looks like there is now a similar app targeted towards young children called Drawp.

Drawp app

Drawp lets your child create an account and then parents can decide who to add to their network for picture sharing purposes. Drawp is very easy to use and comes with a variety of colours and it also has in-app purchases available for more drawing tools. Here’s where the social part comes in. When the drawing is done, all your child needs to do is drag the drawing to whoever they want to share it with. What’s even better is that the recipient can add changes and modify the drawing and send it back. There is also an option to add an audio recording to it! Isn’t that neat? If the person you want to share your sketch with doesn’t have an iPad, you can always email it to them too. And one more thing, this app works offline too! This is a great app to share your child’s drawings with friends and family members who can’t be an active part of your child’s life.

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