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Disney Does it Again

Disney is no stranger when it comes to developing a major hit app in Apple’s Appstore.
In the past, they released “Temple Run: Brave,” “Where’s My Perry?” and “Where’s My Water?,” and every single one of them received great reviews for their ease of use, intuitive play, and variety of content. Can their next app be another glorious hit? We will have to watch how our kids like it.

While their next app is not a game, it is a very interactive augmented reality book app for Spider-Man. While reading the picture and the text in vibrant colours, children can watch the dynamic visual content, and they have mini-games inside the book so they do not get tired of flipping through the pages mundanely. As you can see in the video, children can create their own intern badge with their own photo taken from iPad’s native camera, and even align their face with the augmented reality frame that tracks and replaces the kids’ faces with masks. All these entertaining functions are sure to not only provide children with more incentives to read on, but it helps them immerse themselves in the story and imagine themselves as the characters in the story.

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