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Discovering Email and Apps That Look to Fall

It’s that midsummer lull, whMailyen camps, clubs and other activities are beginning to wrap up , and school looms just a few weeks on the horizon. Chances are, your kids are doing their hardest to ignore that ungainly fact! Maybe so, but they might have to put two and two together during the next outing for back to school shopping. Or they could hide themselves in their iDevice.

We here at Kiddology don’t condone letting kids escape from the hard lessons of life, no matter how unfortunate the end of summer might be. But if they behave, there are many great new apps they can play in between the trips to the bookstore, getting them closer to the school mindset than they might think.

The Guardian compiled a list of 50 apps of ranging educational and age levels. It’s worth a look for its depth, likewise the New York Times and the Beaufort Gazette, all with write ups and recommended ages. A standout on two of these lists, Maily, seeks to teach email, a fundamental school and tech-related skill, in a safe and secure environment to kids of an early age. Parents can edit the list of recipients, and sketching makes it more compelling than the average mail client.

Hey, at this speed, we’ll soon be in the holidays. And there’s one thing on both parents’ and children’s wish lists…

Facebook’s stock may still be down, but we still have an incredible amount of activity on our page!

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