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Creative Christmas Treats

Two more weeks till Christmas! Have you started gift shopping yet? I’ve been seeing a lot of awesome Christmas themed snacks and treats lately in preparation for the holiday season. Here are some awesome ideas for your Christmas party. Enjoy!

1. First up is this mini sausage wreath! A tasty and savoury appetizer that everyone’s bound to love.

sausage wreath


2. Chocolate covered marshmallow reindeer. So easy to make that even your kids can do it!

marshmallow reindeer


3. Candy cane popcorn. Now why didn’t I think of that?

candy cane popcorn


4. Continuing on with the candy cane theme, there’s candy cane cheesecake too! Christmas seems to be the season for all things minty.

candy cane cheesecake


5. Christmas tree meringues! Guess what? They’re also minty! This is such a cool idea plus it’s so easy to make too.

tree meringue


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