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Create Your Happy Ending


Every week, there seems to be a new app released for kids’ storybooks. These apps started off by taking advantage of tablets’ ability to animate what used to be traditional static illustrations, and adding audio to them. As they evolved, more apps came out with an added function for the children and their parents to record their own voice as a narration.

Soon enough, with apps like TinyTap, it seems things will go from, “Mommy, read me a story,” to “Mommy, let’s make a story.” In this app, children and their parents can put their own photos and voice into the frame to create their own interactive storylines. While it seems like a simple function, what this added capability means is that kids can move past the passive role of a “reader,” and get their first experience as a “teller.” They can grasp the concept of “if/then/else,” as they construct a interactive conditions, and indulge in their creativity at the same time.

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