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Classroom Revolution: Bring on the iPad!

Remember that post about electronic chalkboards coming to a classroom near you? Well now it may be iPads coming to a classroom near you.

Does your child’s school use iPads yet? An elementary school in the UK has just spent $13000 on 32 iPads. The students are using them in subjects ranging from math to spelling and music and art. Meanwhile another school in Ontario has been playing SimCity on their iPads to learn about urban and rural environments for their social studies class. I wish iPads had been around when I was that age! I recall playing Oregon Trail but I’m sure it had no educational purpose…

The iPad is a great educational tool because it can combine a variety of resources such as books, maps, dictionaries, encyclopedias, calculators all into one device! Oh, and let’s not forget the internet too. Kids love using technology and with the iPad in hand, students can be responsible for their own learning and maybe someday they won’t need to use 20 year old out of date textbooks. Let’s just hope there are enough iPads to go around! On the other hand, teachers do say that iPads will just be one of the many learning tools that they will implement in classrooms to aid student learning. They will still use traditional materials such as pens, papers and books of course.

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