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Christmas Apps to Spread Some Holiday Cheer!

Just some Christmas apps to bring holiday cheer! Or to entertain your young ones as you baste that turkey.

First on the list is Talking Santa. Do you know the wildly popular Talking Friends collection? The one where Tom Cat repeats everything you say with a funny voice? Either way, you’ll be pleased to know that the Santa version is now FREE! You can be nice to Santa by giving him some cookies and milk, or be naughty by running him over with a huge snowball again and again to your heart’s content. You can even share customized Christmas cards and 3D video animation greetings!

Second is Toca Hair Salon – Christmas Gift. Don’t you ever think Santa could use a new look? Perhaps something more avant-garde than a white beard – like a green mohawk! Well, with Toca Hair Salon, you can cut, color, and even blow-dry Santa’s beard and hair to your preferred style. If your first haircut session didn’t go too well, simply use the magic potion G.R.O. to make the hair grow back again! 

Last up is Christmas Tree! 221 ornaments, trinkets, and ribbons. Animated snowfall, lights, and fun sound effects. Four different tree styles. Would you ever want to stop decorating a tree?

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