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Build-A-Bear Turns High-Tech

A childhood isn’t complete without a teddy bear, and Build-A-Bear Workshop is the perfect place to find that lifelong furry friend. The company opened its first store in 1997 and has always been big on offering an interactive shopping experience. That is, in addition to choosing your favorite plush, you get to stuff it, fluff it, and dress it. Pretty neat, right? Well, there’s more.

With digital gadgets becoming a huge part of children’s play in recent years, Build-A-Bear has decided to launch a new high-tech store concept to attract tech-savvy customers.One of the many new additions is a 55-inch interactive digital sign with Microsoft Kinect movement technology placed right at the store front, where you can play games by waving your hands madly in front of it.

To further increase hands-on engagement, Build-A-Bear is also includingSamsung smart tables loaded with programs that enhance the teddy-making process, like a virtual bathtub called the Fluff Me station.

The great news is, the stuffed animals still cost the same! The tech makeovers are currently only happening in the United States, but I’m hoping the ones in Canada will be updated soon! I think my own leopard needs a virtual bath.

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