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Introducing Music to Your Home

Itís Mommy Monday and mothers know that educating children is something to be striving for. In†an earlier post, itís been shown that music has benefits to childrenís growth and brain’s capabilities, but if youíre not musically inclined, how do you introduce your children to music so you can still have a bit of an edge? Sound is an everyday part of our lives and itís undeniable that music makes their way through. Whether itís humming a song, turning on the radio, or playing a piano, it impacts us so greatly, especially children. Even if you want to enrol your children in piano lessons, sometimes you have to admit, theyíre too young or they donít seem very interested and this will have a negative effect instead. Playing music is the most obvious way to get children to listen, or at least get used to it, but interactivity with it will get children more interested.

Games:†When children play, they have more fun. Something like †Musical Chairs will get your child used to listening to the music and paying attention to it more. This is the same concept as Freeze (where you play the music and when you stop it, your child need to freeze until the music is played again) and clapping games that will allow your child to get used to rhythm. Clapping back simple rhythms to familiar songs and getting your child to guess them is also another good game because it let’s them listen whilst teaching them.

Dance:†Lessons in dance are not necessary, but engaging your child in movement to the beat and seeing them enjoy it brings out their interest in music and dance. By playing different genres, they will realize that they can adapt to the changes. Dancing also allows them to be silly and be comfortable with the music. Even simple movements to songs like the Itsy Bitsy Spider,†The Wheels on the Bus†or†I’ve Been Working on the Railroad† will get them to focus on music and how it corresponds with the action.

Technology:†Of course, with technology growing in our society, there are various game/apps you can find that have to do with music, especially when you look on the iPad. There are ones for toddlers such as Baby Musical Hands and PianoBall†that will introduce your child to different sounds, instruments, rhythm and eventually, music notation. Apps can do these in entertaining ways that will capture your child’s attention and allow them to learn.

Play:†If you play a musical instrument, play it when you can! Children will be curious at what you’re doing as you entertain them and allow them to engage. This is the same with singing. Especially when they’re young, they will want to be with their parents, so take advantage of this opportunity and teach them, even if it’s a little bit at a time.

Most importantly, play music any chance you get, not just by instrumentation, but through the radio, on your iPod,†any where your child happens to be. They will listen consciously or subconsciously and will be affected by it in the end for pure joy, and perhaps even for educating themselves in the future.

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