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Back to School: Textbook or Tablet?

When I registered for six courses last semester, of course the sheer workload of all those courses concerned me, but what also concerned me was the weight of all the textbooks I’d have to potentially carry around. When considered e-textbook as an alternative option, I soon discovered there is more than one advantage.

1. Portability
This is the same reason I looked into this option. If you carry around either a tablet or a laptop, it automatically means you have full access to all your textbooks you bought in e-textbook form.

2. More Up-to-Date Information
In a fast paced world we live in nowadays, textbooks are dated as soon as they are released and some information or examples even become obsolete as soon as they hit the shelves. With e-textbook, publishers can modify and update the content even after initially distributing them.

3. Price
Can there be a bigger factor to struggling students? Compared to conventional textbooks, e-books can bypass all the distribution channels and save huge amount of cost. Luckily, buyers also benefit from this cost savings through lower price in e-book format. As for students who only wish to access the information for current semester only, they even have the option of “e-book rental,” which voids access after certain period, but gives much greater discount.

While e-textbook sales take up only a small portion in the textbook market, they expect it to grow close to 10% of the total sales in Canada by the end of 2012.

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