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Back to School Apps!

Today school supplies are no longer limited to pens, paper and folders. Mobile apps for phones and tablets can do everything from teaching young children how to correctly hold a pencil, to helping older students keep track of their school activities and assignments. Here is a summary of 3 apps that everyone should download for back to school.

Chalk Walk:

Chalk Walk is an app that helps young children learn to hold a pencil properly. The app has the user hold their index fingers and thumb together while drawing or tracing. Chalk Walk also offers a basic word construction game together with their main game.

Number Line:

Number Line is a math game aimed towards elementary school students, but it will also give parents a challenge if they want to give it a try! The game has a row of decimals, fractions and percentages in random order and it is up to the user to order them from smallest to largest. There is a time limit to the game and the user gets bonus points for finishing the game faster.

iStory Books:

iStory Books is an e-reader for children which has the option of a narrator reading the book aloud. Some of the books include “Little Red Riding Hood” or “The Three Little Pigs”. There are also education books available such as science books or math books.

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