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At-Home Spelling Bee?

Happy Wednesday everyone! A quick announcement before we venture into the world of spelling: recently there has been a major hacking incident at Pinterest. If you use Pinterest, check your account for any suspicious activity! I received an email saying someone from Pakistan logged into my account, and when I logged in, lo and behold, there were 5 pins advertising quick money-making schemes. Eek! The hacker even tweeted the pins! So Pinterest users, double-check your account, change your password, and turn off the “Login with Facebook/Twitter” function!

Now, onto my main topic today: Squeebles Spelling! This app takes traditional classroom spelling tests to a new level with its customizable features.

First, the app allows you to set up the entire spelling test yourself, so you won’t have to worry about the test being too easy or difficult.

Second, there is a Tricky Words section that not only records misspelled words, but also lets you test your child on all the words in that section all at once! Lastly, to make spelling more appealing, correct answers can earn play time for the squeeberang game!

Who knew spelling could be so fun?

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