Posted by Nairisha Batada on

The app that turns your kids artwork into printed books


If your one of those parents who feels guilty tossing out the art that your child brings home from day-school or his avant-garde scribbles on the wall. Do not fear, Artkive is here. Artkive is an app that does exactly what it’s name suggests, an archive of art pieces that you can save within the app to track your child’s artistic progress or save art pieces as memorabilia. The app allows you to even develop printed books of your child’s creations.

Artkive is a great help for elementary school parents who are constantly bombarded with the amount of artwork that gets sent home from school. Be it precious drawings or painted macaroni pasted to construction paper. Its a great way to archive your kids artwork and even memorabilia such as report cards, photos and finger paintings.

Artkive is currently a free download on iTunes here, or Android here.

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