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Appcessories Alert!

Because sharing is caring (or, you know, attention seeking), I want to share a new word I learned today: appcessory.

According to good ol‘ Urban Dictionary, appcessory is a “physical object you can interact with from an app on your mobile phone or tablet.”

Insert: a bemused “Say what?”

In other words, appcessories merge the physical and digital worlds together. TakePiano Apprentice for example: the accessory here is a lightweight 25-note keyboard with built-in stereo speakers, and the app is an extensive library of piano lesson videos. When you connect your iPad or iPhone to the keyboard, an on-screen instructor appears to demonstrate how to play awesome songs like “Jingle Bells” and “Greensleeves” with the physical keys lighting up during the tutorials, making it super easy for anyone to follow along.

Insert: massive jaw drop.

Another cool beans isBeary Happi, an appcessory proudly touted as the 21st century teddy bear. Here’s a quick peek at what happens when the furry little bear-shaped iPhone case comes alive with the Lovable Friend app:

Insert: “Awwww.”

I’m amazed. Are you?

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