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App Helping Children with Autism

A new iPad app that is expected to be released soon, promises to help children with autism in life and in the classroom. Programmers at a Pittsburgh based company, Interbots, have been working with the Barber National Institute to help develop a game that is aimed towards children with autism.

The idea for Interbots to develop a game for children with autism happened by chance. Interbots had created an entertainment robot called Quasi and they were approached one day by a family that told them their child who has autism has been talking to Quasi for almost an hour.  This gave Interbots an idea about how they could help children with autism, thus creating the game Popchilla’s World. This game lets children perform daily tasks such was brushing teeth and bathing on a little blue creature. Eventually, the children will be able to transfer what they learned in the game to the real world via a robot that is being designed.

The App will be available early next year for purchase.

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