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An App that Brings Driving to Life

Let’s face it; we’ve all been that kid who pretends to drive like mom while sitting in the back seat right? Well now we have an app that can help with that!

Happi Papi has created an iPad app called Happi Full Throttle that lets your kids drive four different vehicles which include a firetruck, a police helicopter, a sports car and a submarine too. All of the vehicles include a dashboard with features that are key to each vehicle, and a steering wheel of course. With the iPad’s camera, kids can see what the road would be like from behind the wheel. You can drive anywhere with this app!

My favourite would probably be the submarine because chances are you’ll never get to drive one of those! With the help of parents, kids can learn about the different vehicles and maybe even get a head start in learning how to drive.

After all, drinking and driving related deaths are the most preventable deaths in Canada and the key to breaking bad habits is to never get them in the first place! Now they can work on learning safe driving habits at an early age with you on their iPad.

Happy Driving!

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