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All I Want For Christmas Is…An iPad?

Dear Santa,

I was a very, very good kid this year. Can I have an iPad please?

Love, Little One

Santa, did your heart just stop? Mine would.

But don’t worry Santa, there’s a loophole in that little one’s innocent wish. You see, a lot of the times, kids don’t actually want the iPad itself. They just like the games in the tablet.Give them an iPad with no game and Internet access and they’ll be sure to lose interest fast.

So Santa, here’s your escape route: tech toys, especially ones that interact with Mommy’s and Daddy’s tablets.

Take iTikes Canvas for example. On its own, it’s a classic magnetic doodler. Pair it up with an iPad and its free app, and the play expands to include sound effects, coloring pages, and more artist tools.

Or you can get the little one an iPad-substitute such as the Kurio 7. This 7-inch high-resolution children’s tablet runs on Android’s Gingerbread OS and comes with preloaded kid’s content, such as ebooks and popular games like Angry Birds. It also has Wi-Fi, a HD video player, cameras, and even access to a curated Android marketplace. I know. WOW.

Hope you’re less stressed out now Santa!

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