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ABC Animal Spin – an iPad Game Review

Recently I have been hearing a lot about video games being used for education purposes rather than for entertainment. Being an avid gamer, I wanted to check out some of these games to see what they were like. The concept of playing video games to learn educational material is very intriguing to me. Usually when playing video games, one is actively learning the game trying to improve their skills in the game. This active learning that is apparent in traditional video games could be applied educational games, thus making it enjoyable to learn at a young age and maybe easier.  I decided to do a mini review on one of these children’s games to see if they could be helpful to children.

When researching these games to see what was available, it turned out there are thousands of these games. These games can be played on various platforms such as Nintendo DS, iPad, iPhone and Playbook.  For this review I decided to take a look at the iPad game “ABC Animal Spin”. This game was developed to help children learn the alphabet by relating the letters to animals and the sounds they make.  In this game the user spins a wheel which can land on any letter in the alphabet. When it lands on a letter it shows the animal related to that letter and it also makes sounds that the animal makes. There is also a song for the game that is kind of catchy that helps you learn the alphabet. I can definitely see this game being enjoyable for children learning the alphabet and I can also see it working well.

Check out this video and let know what you think of this game!

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