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A Teacher’s Perspective

iPad in the Classroom

What makes a good app for a child? This is a question important to parents everywhere, and it’s a question we at Kiddology keep asking ourselves practically continuously. The truth is there isn’t one metric that can determine such a thing. Whether it’s cool technology or artistic design or real curriculum value, there are numerous qualities to consider. While this blog has been and will continue to cover a lot of these apps from our own perspective, there are other interesting voices in the field who merit consideration as well.

Out of all the children’s app blogs who have been putting out good reviews and opinions recently, Teachers With Apps stands out. With dozens of reviews and opinion articles, one can really see the breadth and depth of the app space. It was started by “two lifelong educators,” and does a nice job of reviewing apps on their educational merits. It also sorts its reviews into specific categories and age groups, such as Geography and Social Studies.

There’s a practical cornucopia of app reviewers out there. No parent wants to spend all day reading reviews of iPad applications, but with a little searching one can find selection of voices that speak to them. And it couldn’t hurt if some of them were educators as well.

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[Teachers With Apps, img. via Discovery]

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