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5 ways to get your picky eater to be a healthy eater

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  1. Eat Healthy Yourself – If you show your child that you eat healthy foods they are surely going to follow suit (well eventually) but if you makes them eat green veggies and youdon’ttouch then yourself then why would they?
  2. Make Health Eating Fun – Take the time to makehealthyfoods kid friendly by adding a little “fun” to them. For example:waffleswith smiley fruit faces, pancakes shaped with cookie cutters or even adding a fun namelikemagic beans will get them in the spirit!
  3. Don’t make healthyeatinga big deal! – Don’t tell them “we are going to try something new today” your little one will take this as “oh dear here comessomethingyucky” Instead just put the plate on the dining table and let them know food is ready.
  4. Work with your child – If you know your childlikesa certain type of dish like pizza for instance, findhealthyalternatives fortheingredients.Got a muffin lover? Add some blueberries, bananas or even carrots.
  5. Talk up the food – You child could care less if you told them a certain food will prevent heart-diseaseor cancer but if you tell them it will help them climb up the jumbo slide or the monkey-bars they are sure to give it a try.

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