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5 Ideas to Promote Charity to your Children

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Kids by nature have innate sense of helpfulness, charity and compassion inside of them. As parents, it is essential to provide them with activities that foster good values at a young age. However, promoting the spirit of sharing is not just about writing a check to our favourite charity or dropping a few dollars in the church’s donation basket. Kids need to have a hands-on experience in helping others even in small ways. Below, we’ll provide you a list of simple ideas that one can do for a fun family charity activity.

Donate old and used gizmos

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Instead of disposing your broken cell phones, laptops or game consoles in the trash, why not recycle these items and help out those who cannot afford these gadgets. Some companies including mobile network providers have their own recycle scheme for their subscribers who want to give up their old devices. Verizonwireless has their very own advocacy wherein they refurbish old phones and give them to victims of domestic violence. They also resell some of these handsets and give the proceeds to various women’s advocacy groups.

Turn their birthdays into charity events

Instead of a spending on a big birthday bash for your child, why not focus on helping other people instead by making their next party a charity event. Ask your guests to donate old books, toys and clothes that can be donated to your local children’s foundation. Explain to your young celebrant that another way to celebrate a birthday is to share blessings with those who have less. Let him be involved in making certain decisions like choosing the appropriate organization.

Aside from donating items, you could also do other fun projects like tree planting. Give each participant a seed to plant and a small shovel and ask a park ranger to take them on a nature walk to find a spot where they can plant them. There are various tree planting organizations that you can join such as Green World Campaign, Plant a Billion Trees and Trees Give Life.

Visit Pet Shelters


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Yearly, there are 5 million animals being sent for adoption to various animal shelters in America. To help out, you can opt to adopt one of them. Cats and dogs make a great addition to the family because they are loyal and fun to play with.

Adopting shelter animals are cost-efficient than buying one from the pet store. For just $100, you can purchase a pet that is well-groomed, healthy and affectionate.

If you can’t adopt a pet, you could also visit the shelters and sign up for volunteer work. Families could purchase pet food and animal grooming kits, and give them to animal organizations.  Allow the little ones to spend some time with the furry ones by playing with them or walking them around the facility.

Crafts for a Cause


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According to About Our Kids, preschool is the stage of a kid’s life where they enjoy doing simple tasks and begin to show empathy towards other people. To introduce them to the concept of giving, parents could do simple arts and crafts activities. Together with the little ones, they could stitch up hats for chemotherapy patients or make motivational cards for elderly people and ill children. They could also whip some nutritious meals or baked delicacies for the homeless.

Fill up a donation jar

As mentioned earlier, it is not enough to just donate money in order to teach kids about sharing. An alternative for this one is to encourage them to save up and buy something for people who are in need. It could be a toy for a poor kid or clothes for a homeless person.

By using some of these ideas, parents can easily teach their little ones the importance of sharing at a young age, which they’ll gladly share to their own kids someday. Do you know any charity ideas that you can share with our fellow parents? Feel free to donate them in the comments section below.

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