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5 Fun Summer Activity Ideas

We’re right in the middle of summer and if you’re not enjoying that glorious sunshine (or heat wave depending on where you live), here are a few activities you can do!

1. Have a beach BBQ or just picnic in your backyard. Remember to bring plenty of things for the kiddies to do like have a water gun fight, fly a kite or go on a scavenger hunt while you’re out there.

2. Tour your own hometown! Sometimes we miss the things our own city has to offer if we’re too busy dreaming about luxury vacations elsewhere. Visit your local zoo, aquarium, museum and even the library because they usually offer great summer programs and activities for kids.

3. Bake with the kids! Who doesn’t like food right? Kids are always eager to participate and help create something yummy. You can even have a DIY ice cream sundae night and lay out some fun toppings for them to add to their ice cream.

4. Summer is a great time to get some exercise and breathe in all that fresh air. Swimming will probably top the list of summer sports and you can always tune in to the Olympic games soon!

5. Host a sleepover party or even camp out in the backyard. Sleeping outside will be a new experience for the kids plus it won’t be cold and you’ll have food and the bathroom just steps away.

These are just some ideas for you to make the most of the summer before it ends all too soon! Remember to have fun and be safe!

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