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3 Great Tablets for Kids

Good morning! How many of your are reading this on your iPads now as we speak? I’m sure many of you parents have also experienced your kids grabbing for your iPad while you’re trying to work on something. Well let me introduce you to some kid-friendly and more affordable versions of the iPad that will distract the kids for you.

1. LeapPad Explorer


LeapPad is probably a familiar brand to most parents. This tablet is priced at $99 and is meant for kids between the ages of 4-9. It was also rated by Consumer Report as “The Most Fun Overall”. However there is one downside, it doesn’t come with much preloaded content but you can buy cartridges or download applications on the computer for games, books and the like.

2. FisherPrice iXL

This tablet is very large and durable. It’s shaped like a closed book so that the screen inside is protected. The iXL is meant for kids aged 3-7. It comes with a built in storybook, game player, music player, art studio, notebook and photo album. More content can be downloaded and you can also upload your own music and photos as well. This one comes with a price tag of $80.

3. Vtech InnoTab

This is the best tablet for games because it has a built in “accelerometer”. As in that thing that lets you move things on the screen by tilting it. The tablet also comes with games that teach math, ABC’s, painting and colouring. This one is for kids aged 4-9.

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